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Strength for a Union comes from its ability to engage both its membership and members of the community on a daily basis. Through proprietary technology, NEP Fire Services provides vital resources to connect and inform EVERYONE through comprehensive union solutions.

Member Communications

NEP Fire Services provides technology and outlets for member-to-member communication which unites and empowers everyone in firefighting family. With established and new technology, we welcome your members to the conversation.

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Community Relations

Community relations are an essential function of any successful organization, but especially a Union. NEP Fire Services help Unions to establish and maintain a mutually beneficial relationship with the communities in which they operate. The importance of ongoing, positive community relations is often overlooked and its value in political currency missed.

Political Action

Unions exist to take care of their members and NEP Fire Services is here to help Unions do just that. NEP Fire Services is the leader in assisting Unions to be proactive on issues and legislation that affects their firefighters, families and fellow Union members across the country. Coordinated political action can make or break an organization and NEP Fire Services is ready for you.

Critical Incident Coordination

Firefighting remains a dangerous job with new hazards faced on a daily basis. NEP Fire Services is here for your members and your community during difficult times and hardships. Our Critical Incident Coordination can be activated while incidents unfold and is ready to help when you need it most.