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Unions are critical employment organizations that protect members, while also providing the framework of your firefighting family. As with any family, it takes a lot of work to keep things going. We know what it takes to be successful and NEP Fire Services provides a variety of essential activities necessary for a union's survival, growth and protection.

Digital Platforms

A Union’s voice is its strength and that “voice” is heard today through complete digital platform including a responsive website, digital marketing activities and active social media. NEP Fire Services differentiates itself from everyone else in its successful ability to provide robust solutions that keeps Union’s relevant and active in today’s digital world.

Union Communications

One of the greatest prides throughout the fire service is tradition. However, fire Unions are behind the times when it comes to communications, especially amongst the members. Member to member communications is key and NEP Fire Services continues to work with Unions across the country to address this need by providing real solutions that allows the power of information to be shared by all members. Additionally, Unions cannot miss any opportunity to keep the community informed, engaged and interested. The value of communication remains at the top of the list when it comes to protecting the Union and its members today and tomorrow.

Union Branding

A brand is what embodies a Union and its members. There is a visual part to every brand and NEP Fire Services has talented artists and marketing specialist to provide Unions with tools and resources to create something that best represents the members, the community and the fire service. Another key part to your Union’s brand is how its perceived as whole and NEP Fire Services protects the Union’s brand at all times because protecting the brand means protecting the Union Members.

Union Store

A great source of pride (and revenue) can come from a Union’s ability to provide shirts, hats and more for its members and sometimes the community. However, running a store is a full-time job that most members just don’t have the necessary time for to do it right. NEP Fire Services provides a complete Union Store for clients with everything needed from design, printing, discount pricing, credit card processing, inventory management and order fulfillment.

Special Events

One of the greatest demonstrations of brotherhood and community can be seen in the Union’s special events. From the annual golf outing, softball game or bowling tournament, NEP Fire Services can help. We understand how much work goes into these events and how to succeed. NEP Fire Services utilizes a variety of resources to help “tee it up” for success, while maximizing the results and minimizing your time.

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